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A Valentine’s Dilemma: Can You Kiss With Dentures?

February 8, 2024

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There’s a lot to track as Valentine’s Day nears. To make it a success, you’ll likely book a dinner reservation, find a nice outfit, buy gifts, etc. That said, those who’ve lost teeth may face a unique question: Can you kiss with dentures? Knowing its answer would let many plan their Valentine’s dates better. Luckily, your Carlisle dentist will share the truth with you. Here’s a primer on why kissing with dentures is possible and tips to help you do so.

So, Can You Kiss with Dentures?

Put simply, you absolutely can kiss with dentures. The prosthetics shouldn’t keep you from this romantic action.

To be honest, it’s unlikely that dentures will disrupt a date. Today’s models look like natural teeth and support your cheeks and lips. That means they won’t harm your appearance. Plus, their features ensure you can eat and speak with confidence. The only thing you’ll need to focus on is being yourself.

Of course, you could opt for safety and get implant dentures. Such kinds are supported by dental implants instead of suction. Thus, they wouldn’t slip or fall. There’d be no oral incidents as you make to kiss your loved one.

Denture Kissing Tips

Just to be sure, practice some denture kissing tips before Valentine’s Day. Notable ones include the following:

Be Clean Beforehand

You should have a clean mouth when you kiss someone (dentures or not). So, keep up with good oral hygiene before and during Valentine’s Day.

Ideally, your partner will appreciate your oral care. Cleaning your dentures, mouth, and gums reduces the risk of plaque buildup. As such, remember to brush twice daily and use a soaking solution for the prosthetics.

Hold Them Securely

It’s best to stay relaxed when kissing. Still, be sure your dentures are secure before you smooch. You don’t want them moving around during the act itself.

A good way to maintain this security is to use a denture adhesive. By applying it when you insert the prosthetics for the day, they’ll be less likely to slip. Remember to use the correct amount!

Kiss Gently & Softly

When using dentures, you shouldn’t try to kiss forcefully. The better option is to plant kisses gently and softly.

This soft approach isn’t hard to implement. Simply pucker your lips a bit and press them against your date’s. While doing so, don’t apply a lot of suction or power. You may end up banging your dentures against your date’s teeth otherwise.

Again, can you kiss with dentures? Yes – you’ll be fine with the right tips and advice from your local dentist.

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