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Can the Colors You Wear Affect Discolored Teeth?

April 15, 2023

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Woman with an attractive smileA bright, beautiful smile is attributed to youth, confidence, and success. It can be the perfect complement to any outfit to look and feel your best. However, teeth change colors over the years. If you’ve noticed your pearly whites aren’t as vibrant as before, the clothes you wear could be making them look discolored. Believe it or not, certain colors can draw attention to your teeth by affecting how white they look. Here’s how to ensure your smile shines its brightest.


Be Mindful of Your Smile During These March Celebrations!

March 9, 2023

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a little girl smiling with heart-shaped waffles in her hands

The new year has passed, and it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed a festive party. The good news is that March has arrived and there is plenty to celebrate during the third month of the year! From St. Patrick’s Day to National Waffle Day, the fun will be nonstop. However, like most enjoyable holidays, there will be plenty of treats that can harm your smile. Here are three fun days to celebrate in March while also keeping your pearly whites healthy and safe!


How Does Tooth Loss Affect Face Shape?

February 9, 2023

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A close-up of a woman enjoying her dental implants

If you’ve just lost some teeth, you’re likely more focused on your smile than anything else. After all, your new tooth gaps are immediate and noticeable. Still, try to consider how the problem will affect your face too. Tooth loss, you see, ages the latter when not properly treated. Fortunately, dental implants can (and would) solve that problem. To learn more about them, let your local Carlisle Dentist explain things. Here’s a summary, then, of how tooth loss harms face shape and implants help it.


5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Smile

January 26, 2023

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fireworks lighting up night sky

The year has once again come to an end and begun anew in 2023. For many, this time of year signals the start of a healthier life, making more time for traveling, or reaching certain savings goals. Though all of these are admirable New Year’s resolutions, why not make ones that will promote a healthy beam? Continue reading as we discuss five New Year’s resolutions that will help you keep your smile in good condition.


The Step-by-Step Process of Getting Veneers

December 4, 2022

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Young adult with a beautiful smile

No matter how diligent you are with your oral hygiene, it can be hard to get a perfect smile. It’s even harder if you haven’t always been on top of your oral healthcare and are dealing with some serious cosmetic flaws. That’s where veneers come in. In as little as two appointments, your cosmetic dentist can give you the straight, symmetrical, and perfectly white smile of your dreams. But what does that process entail? If you’re curious, here’s a rundown of what it takes to get porcelain veneers, step-by-step.


Can Turmeric Really Whiten Teeth?

November 5, 2022

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Spoon of turmericTeeth come in a variety of tones and shades naturally, and it is normal for them to change color over the years. If your pearly whites aren’t as bright as they used to be, turmeric is a popular remedy for a bright smile, but is it safe? Here are a few things you should know before using turmeric for teeth whitening. 


What to Expect After Getting a Root Canal

October 3, 2022

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Root canal on infected tooth25 million root canals are performed annually to save damaged teeth. Although they are common, root canals are is only recommended to prevent further damage or decay that warrants an extraction down the road. Unfortunately, the procedure gets a bad reputation for being painful, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anesthetics make the procedure pain-free, so you won’t feel anything during your appointment. However, you might have some discomfort during your recovery. Here’s what you can expect after getting a root canal. 


Just How Does Your Dentist Color-Match Your Crown?

September 14, 2022

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A dentist using a shade guide to color-match a dental crown

As you might know, a dental crown can improve your smile’s look. After all, it restores the treated tooth after the latter suffers a crack, fracture, or other injuries. That said, this cosmetic benefit stems from more than just rebuilt structure. It ultimately depends on your dentist color-matching the crown to your enamel. Otherwise, the final result would be a whole tooth that doesn’t fit with the others. To learn more, here are three ways dentists ensure your crown is well-colored for your smile.


Is a Black Line Forming Around Your Dental Crown?

September 7, 2022

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3D illustration of a dental crown

So, let’s say you’ve noticed an issue with one of your tooth restorations. In particular, there’s a black line around your dental crown. Should you be worried that it’s a sign of an oral health problem? Not really — the black line is likely a cosmetic problem caused by your crown’s materials. That said, you can have it fixed by switching to a metal-free restoration. If that piques your interest, your Carlisle dentist is here to tell you more. Read on to learn why some crowns develop black lines and how a new, porcelain one will help.


Root Canals: Separating Myth and Fact

August 17, 2022

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Woman smiling after learning facts about root canal therapy

Did you know that millions of root canals are performed each year? 15 million, to be exact! So, if you have a decayed, fractured, or otherwise damaged tooth that needs root canal therapy, you’re not alone. The good news is that this tooth-saving treatment isn’t anywhere near as scary as its reputation makes it out to be. So, if you’re feeling a bit apprehensive, keep reading to learn four facts about root canal therapy.

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