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Will Invisalign Change the Way I Talk?

September 4, 2021

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James Earl Jones, Nicole Kidman, and Bruce Willis each overcame stuttering problems in their youth to become superstars. Olympic champion Michael Phelps didn’t let his lisp stop him from reaching legendary status.

One of the main benefits of wearing Invisalign is that it is unnoticeable to most people, but this could be overshadowed if it ends up changing the way you speak. Keep reading to learn what to expect when speaking with Invisalign.

What are the Chances Invisalign will Affect My Speech?

While wearing Invisalign could potentially mean changes to the way you speak, it is quite unlikely. A study by Verena Nedwed found that 93 percent of dental patients did not experience any speech changes while wearing Invisalign. For those who did, a subsequent study revealed that 46 percent did not have any lasting difficulties.

How Could Invisalign Alter My Speech?

Any type of dental appliance could potentially alter speech because the available space inside the mouth is changed, as is the tongue’s room to move. A lisp, which occurs when the “s” and “z” sounds are pronounced like “th,” is a possibility. A lisp is a result of improper tongue placement affecting airflow in the mouth.

While a lisp could develop due to the aligners, it should not take long for the tongue to adjust. It is important to keep your head very still during the molding process for your aligners to avoid the possibility of causing a lisp later.

Also, simply because your mouth feels different while wearing Invisalign, you may slur your words and speak a bit slower. The best way to move past this stage is to talk often so that your tongue gets used to functioning with your aligners in place. There are many ways to get some practice, such as reading aloud, singing your favorite song in the shower, or even memorizing a speech or poem that you enjoy.

Why is Invisalign Unlikely to Alter My Speech?

Invisalign aligners are made of very thin plastic, they fit very snugly, and they only cover the tooth surface. These characteristics should mean speech changes are slight and will naturally fade over time. Whether it takes hours or a few weeks, if you do have any difficulties, it should only be a matter of you getting comfortable to move past them.

Be sure to ask your dentist any questions you have about Invisalign during your consultation. You should definitely see a dentist you trust, since them doing a great job during the molding process for your aligners can greatly reduce the chances of any speech issues.

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